Men's Uglies Collection


Uglies Swimsuits for Men

Women and girls aren't the only ones chasing after the stylish patterns and bright colors that Dolfin offers through their Uglies swimsuit line. Uglies men appreciate a good splash of color, especially when it comes with top-quality material and designs appreciated by professional swimmers.

Men's uglies come in a variety of designs, including:

  • Board shorts – Loose, long and comfortable, these swim shorts are perfect for beach vacations, surfing and time at the lake. They look much like everyday shorts, so you can wear them comfortably away from the water as needed.

  • Jammers – Long like a board short but tight like a speedo, these shorts are used by many professional swimmers. They cover more skin without feeling bulky like a swim trunk.

  • Racers – Think of these as the Uglies version of a Speedo. They're among the most popular type of Uglies swimsuits for swimmers who need to maximize speed in the pool.

  • Uglies men often purchase different colors and patterns once they find the perfect style for their needs. You may also need multiple types of men's Uglies for different uses.

    Are you looking for the latest Uglies swimsuits for men? We stock some of the best styles, colors and patterns so you can shop in one convenient place for all of your swimwear needs.