Dolfin Swimwear: Athletic and Competition Swimsuits for Men and Women

Athletic swimsuits should support your athletic performance rather than holding you back. They should fit snug without digging into your skin or slipping out of place. They should also look great because every athlete deserves that boost of confidence that comes from looking just as good as they feel. Whether you're shopping for a versatile team swimsuit or competitive swimwear for an individual performance, we're here to help.

Our store is your one-stop destination for the perfect individual or team swimsuit. We stock a variety of team swimwear ready for your personalized touch. Whether you prefer solid colors or you need to incorporate your team colors in an attractive design, our selection of quality suits will fit your needs. We also deliver in a timely manner because we know that the next team meet is always right around the corner.

Our selection of athletic swimsuits is always changing, so check back often if you need a swimsuit for a swim meet, diving competition, triathlon, or other competitive event. You deserve a colorful collection of swimsuits for training as well as competition day.

It's essential to get the right fit for your swimsuit. You don't have time to deal with a suit that won't stay in place on competition day, and even a little discomfort could negatively impact your performance in the pool. Check out these tips that should make it easier to shop for competition swimsuits online:

  • Make sure you're shopping for athletic swimsuits. Suits designed for competition are different than those designed purely for fashion.

  • Suits with more spandex should fit flatter across the torso and hold tight around the rear. You don't want your competition suit to gather or pucker at the seams. It will look and feel better when it stretches around you smoothly.
  • Back and bust coverage are important when you're shopping for competitive swim attire. You want a firm hold in front without completely flattening the bust. Some suits provide more back coverage than others, so make sure you select the right design for your style of swimming.

  • Tight is great, but don't go too tight. One of the biggest mistakes that beginner swimmers make is selecting swimsuits that squeeze too tight. If your suit is even a little small, it may pull at the straps, which could pinch your skin and leave uncomfortable indents. You may also struggle to breathe properly while swimming if it's too tight across the torso.

  • The right swimwear can make the difference between a stellar performance that steals the show and wardrobe complications that lose meets. Whether you're competing in your first big event or you're a coach shopping for swimsuits that work well for all athletes on a team, we have you covered with the best styles and color options from brands you can trust.