Swim Caps


Latex and Silicone Swim Caps

When it comes to selecting a swim cap, we understand that you want something that will fit tight enough to keep out the water. However, we also know that comfort is important. We sell high-quality latex and silicone swim caps for all adults. Quality is evident in the stretching ability, thickness and design of the caps. Our swim caps are carefully designed and built with performance in mind using the highest quality standards.

Selecting Silicone and Latex Swim Caps for Men and Women

We care about providing the best fit and style for your needs. This is also why we offer both silicone and latex swim caps. You may or may not have a material preference. As you browse our swim caps, we encourage you to look at the measurements carefully to ensure that they meet your needs. In addition to offering multiple types of materials, we provide you with several colors, styles and sizes. If you are looking for a gift for someone and are unsure what to buy, we recommend buying a neutral-looking cap or one that is in the recipient's favorite color.

There are several options to consider. These are some of the main choices that we offer:

White swim caps

Black swim caps

Colored swim caps

White swim caps and black swim caps are common in some competitive swimming leagues and in settings where people must follow dress codes. Some swimming teams have certain colors of caps instead. Also, some competitive teams may have specific restrictions for cap styles and colors. If you are buying a gift for a competitive swimmer, research this to help you make the best selection.