About Aquashape

Dive into the world of Dolfin Swimwear's Aquashape collection, where the fusion of style, comfort, and performance takes center stage. Our expansive range of water wear is thoughtfully designed by an all-female design team to cater to every swimmer's needs, especially for those seeking modest swimwear for women. Our swim dresses and lap suits, embracing both elegance and coverage, offer a harmonious blend of ergonomic comfort, practical elegance, and versatile style, making them ideal for both poolside leisure and vigorous aquatic workouts. For fitness enthusiasts, our women's aqua fitness apparel stands out with its adaptable designs, offering both freedom of movement and a supportive structure, ensuring you stay comfortable and confident during your water-based exercises. Each piece is a testament to the ideas of “active by choice,” empowering you to embrace a healthy body and a vibrant lifestyle.

At Dolfin, we recognize the importance of durable and high-quality swimwear. Our chlorine-resistant swimwear is engineered to endure the rigors of regular exposure to chlorinated water, preserving its color vibrancy and structural integrity. This aspect of durability is essential for both casual swimmers and aqua fitness enthusiasts who demand swimwear that aligns with their dynamic lifestyle. Furthermore, our Aquashape collection, featuring lap suits for women, is meticulously designed to optimize your swimming experience. Whether you're engaged in training or enjoying a leisurely swim, these lap suits provide flexible fits for superior performance and comfort.

The Aquashape range is more than just about offering superior quality and durability; it's about empowering women to feel their absolute best in the water. Each piece in our collection, from the sleek and stylish swim dresses to the elegantly practical modest swimwear, is crafted to ensure every woman discovers her ideal style and fit. Whether plunging into an intense aqua fitness routine or seeking comfort and modesty in swim attire, Dolfin's Aquashape collection presents the ultimate solution.

Our swimwear thoughtfully addresses specific needs with mastectomy-friendly designs, featuring internal pockets for prosthetic cups, and gentle tummy smoothing features for a more confident and comfortable fit. These inclusive features demonstrate our commitment to accommodating the diverse needs of our customers. Key elements like easy on and off designs, figure-flattering enhancements, and comfort clasps elevate our swimwear to a pinnacle of convenience and style. Soft molded cups in our swimwear gently cradle and support your body, ensuring a snug fit, while our “active by design” philosophy places your aquatic activities at the forefront of our innovation process. Aquashape swimwear inspires confidence, not constraints.

Explore the entire Aquashape collection today and immerse yourself in swimwear that meets your aquatic needs while embracing your journey towards a healthy and confident lifestyle. Whether for fitness, leisure, or post-surgery recovery, our collection is designed with your unique needs in mind. Start your journey with Aquashape today, and let’s “Live in Water” together.