Dolfin Women's Swimwear Basics


Women’s Swimwear Cover Up – Affordable Swim Fashion

Your swim wardrobe isn't complete until you add at least one high-quality women's swimwear cover up. A good cover up slips easily over your head and allows you to walk to and from the beach, lake or pool without showing too much skin. It can also make it easier to drive home from the pool if you're unable to change out of your swimsuit first.

Women’s Cover Up Shorts & More

Women's cover up shorts are made from lightweight material that won't weigh you down even when damp or wet. They allow you to wear your swim gear to and from any body of water without showing too much skin or feeling self-conscious. They can also provide some protection from excessive exposure to sunlight, limiting your risk of sunburns.

Do you need women's cover up shorts or a dress swim cover up? Both are suitable for different summertime events, and you may need one of each to accommodate all of your needs. Whether you spend your summers at the lake or you're planning a beach vacation, you'll find our wide range of women's swim cover ups suitable for a variety of destinations.

Stylish Women's Swimwear Cover Ups

Our women’s swimwear cover up options come in a variety of materials, styles, colors and patterns. We do our best to stock sizes for women of all shapes. Have fun updating your swim wardrobe with a quality cover up or two.