Kids Rash Guard


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Boys rash guard swimwear protects your child from overexposure to sunlight. When worn on the beach, they may also reduce the risk of your child receiving a jellyfish sting on the upper body. If your little ones intend to wear wetsuits for swimming or water sports, they can wear kid's rash guards underneath for comfort and protection.

Why should you invest in a boy's rash guard instead of just allowing your child to wear a t-shirt into the swimming pool or to the beach? Cotton shirts become heavy when drenched and may cling to the body in an uncomfortable manner. The material will also break down faster when exposed to chlorinated water repeatedly.

Toddler rash guards are designed for the water. They remain light and comfortable even when drenched and offer protection from UV rays without breaking down due to pool chemicals. They provide the protection your child needs in warm weather, but they also come in a variety of colors and patterns. It's not difficult to match your child's rash guard shirts to their favorite swim trunks.

Our inventory of boy rash guard swimwear makes it easy to find the right toddler rash guards at prices you can afford. Check back often to see our newest kid’s rash guards. We look forward to helping you protect your children from the sunlight without sacrificing fun, comfort and style.